Radoi Yar & 1g0g - "Polyelei" (Russia)

Polyelei, – a 44-minute composition, creating a spiritual noise space. With service in the temple without cupola, where foul rains come inside,withangels, who sing for the shot chorister, with the dripping wooden cross in the forest, with endless bells; frescos turn out to be a thin lamina, a cigarette paper, behind which the silhouettes of cherubs are seen; the kitchen radio preacher, talking to himself, and to god, yielding to the noise, that covers him, dissolving in it, beginning to speak vice versa and croaking fancily, praising god, as frogs from the parable about the king David do; someones routine sleety funeral, in the land, where are four seasons: winter, winter, winter and winter; a singing old woman, already in the eternity, somewhere between snowstorm and her lonely one-room flat in a bedroom community; the requiem of the bells’ quantity, through which the last motets and voices force their way; and, finally, the ending, the last message – no one will be saved.